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Describe the relivance of the material covered in chapter 19_32 to Research Paper

Describe the relivance of the material covered in chapter 19_32 to your current career ambitions.Begin the assignment describing - Research Paper Example In light of the topics in these fourteen chapters, this paper seeks to evaluate how my career ambitions get shaped. Introduction My career ambitions incline towards being an Electrical and Electronics Engineer. This is a technical career that will place me in charge of designing, developing, testing and supervising of electrical equipment which includes power generation equipment, communication systems, radar and navigation systems and electric motors as cited by the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, BLS. The work primarily involves employment in research and development, electric power generation firms, manufacturing firms and engineering services firms. Of these, I look forward to securing employment in an electricity generating firm. Out of the practising Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 10% work in industries dealing with generating, transmitting and distributing electric power, which is where I belong. Though this work generally involves being indoors, site visits would be un dertaken as need be so as to solve problems in complex equipment. The textbook, Physics, by James Walker provides an appropriate guideline into facts about energy from the perspective of physics. But the fourteen case chapters, starting from chapter 19 through to chapter 32 concern electricity, basically giving in-depth discussion into electric charges and forces, gradually developing on this to subsequent chapters. Being an interrelated topic, the author appreciates its relationship with magnetism. Chapter 22 explains how electric charges cause the creation of electric fields which result in magnetic flux, the basis of magnetism. This also informs the introduction of electromagnetic waves in chapter 25 that mandates the discussion on optics in subsequent chapters. Since electricity has varied sources, Walker (2420) introduces atomic physics in chapter 31 that culminates with a discussion on nuclear physics in the last chapter. Therefore, as a prospective Electrical and Electronics Engineer, I get all-round knowledge on electricity and its relation to other fields in physics. As indicated by BLS, designing and developing electrical equipment partly constitutes the task of an Electrical and Electronics Engineer. Therefore, it would be paramount to know how electricity is sourced, generated, measured and distributed so as to determine the design of these equipments. The basis of this understanding lies in the knowledge of action of electric charges covered in chapter 19 so as to understand how their electromagnetic interaction would affect equipment assembly. For instance, since Walker (2076) appreciates that friction causes electrification, then, such action should be considered when designing electrical equipment. When designing electricity measurement instruments, I now know that what in essence would be measured would be the electric charges, whose SI unit is the coulomb, C, though Serway and Jewett (768) observe that a majority of electrical engineering ins truments would use the ampere-hour, Ah units. Similarly, the knowledge on charges will play a critical role when testing electrical equipment and when supervising, these being other core responsibilities of an Electrical and Electronics Engineer. The static electricity that exists when objects of different equilibriums are brought close to each other according to Walker (2089) should guide in choosing which objects should come into contact with each other. Tribolectric effect, which describes the electrical charging of materials as a result of coming into

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Annotated bibliography Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Annotated Bibliography Example ternet marketing, in terms of how the online marketing influences consumer psychology and hence consumer purchasing behavior, which makes the book a must read for anybody interested in our topic. In this journal article, the authors discuss extensively online consumer information and advertising. Basically, they discuss on Internet advertising gives information to consumers online, which in turns affects their purchasing behavior; hence, the article is very relevant to this topic. In this article from The New Yorker Magazine, the author, Malcom Gladwell, examines the science of marketing and incorporates aspects of Internet marketing and their influence on the consumer. He discusses how such marketing strategies influence consumer purchasing behavior; thus, the article is very relevant to this study. In this book, the author extensively explores Internet marketing concentrating on online marketing andterming it as the newest and one of the fastest growing forms of marketing. The author argues that Internet marketing is increasingly becoming popular and that it is playing a big role in influencing consumer behavior, that is consumer purchasing behavior, which makes it very relevant to the topic of our discussion. In this article in the Time Magazine, the author, Steven Johnson, discusses how bloggers, hobbyists and diarists among others promote extensive Internet marketing and how their activities influence consumer demand and behavior. Due to this, the article is very relevant to the research, which deals with the role of Internet marketing on consumer behavior. In this article, the author, Abhilasha Mehta, touches on the issue of advertising attitudes and advertising effectiveness, where he looks at how Internet marketing is becoming a major type of advertising and how it is massively beginning to influence purchasing behavior of consumers all over the world. He emphasizes the fact that Internet marketing is becoming a very effective means of advertising in